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Majestic Wishes

A wish for a child is a once in a lifetime experience and Majestic Wishes is committed to making these wishes come true for children and young people who are seriously ill, fighting a life threatening condition or suffer from abuse and neglect. It’s a positive distraction from on-going medical treatment or difficult periods in a child’s life, by making wishes come true we can inject happiness no matter how great or small it may be into their lives.

Majestic Wishes do not have a cure to offer for seriously ill children and all to often some of these child’s wishes end in sadness. By making a wish come true we can say to that child ‘today isn’t about hospitals, It’s about hope’. At desperate times when there seems to be no hope we aim to wipe away any tears and bring a sparkle into the lives of these special children, no matter how big or small they may be.

Here at Majestic Wishes we go above and beyond to make as many children’s wishes come true as possible, we work hard to make sure our children are looked after and have something to smile about, they do say laughter is the best medicine.

Got some spare time? Want to volunteer? We'd love to hear from you!