At Majestic Wishes we are proud to be sponsored by¬†Cash for Kids, Majestic Models, Miss Curvy and Digital Next. We are always looking for new sponsors and have a lot to offer any interested business. In order to keep making our children’s wishes come true it is important we continue to build our sponsorship base, so what’s in it for you?

Community Interaction

  • A link to a growing North West charity
  • Build stronger networks with your audience by supporting the communities your business operates in

Motivate your colleagues

  • Encourage team-building, boost employees morale and build loyalty within the business
  • Give your employees the opportunity to take part in exciting events & to volunteer
  • Engage your current and propsective clients in fundraising

Enhance your brand

  • Develop a strong rapport with customers in your target audience
  • Reach out into new markets & target audiences
  • Enhance and continually build your companies reputation as a responsible company
  • Create positive PR both liocally within the community and nationally
  • Be associated with a highly respected charity